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  • Gold, Silver, Oxidized Silver, Sailor Clasp, Bracelet
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SharpStyle Jewelry


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This bracelet is a stunning combination of classic elegance and modern edge. It features a gold paper clip chain and an oxidized silver chain, meticulously crafted to create a captivating contrast. The gold paper clip chain adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, while the oxidized silver chain brings a contemporary and edgy flair to the design.

The bracelet is finished with a sailor clasp, which not only adds a stylish element but also ensures a secure and comfortable fit around your wrist. The sailor clasp is both functional and visually appealing, making it easy to put on and take off the bracelet while adding a unique detail to the overall aesthetic.

The length of the bracelet is 7.5 inches.  

Whether you wear this bracelet as a standalone statement piece or stack it with other bracelets for a more layered look, it is sure to make a bold fashion statement. Its versatile design allows it to be paired with both casual and formal outfits, adding a touch of sophistication and individuality to your style.

Elevate your jewelry collection with this gold paper clip chain and oxidized silver bracelet. Its unique combination of materials, along with the sailor clasp, creates a striking and fashionable accessory that will enhance any ensemble.