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Sharp Style Houston


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This necklace features a paperclip chain, which is a popular and modern style of chain known for its sleek and rectangular links. It is complemented by a large gold cross pendant or charm, adding a touch of religious or symbolic significance to the design.

The paperclip chain is crafted with rectangular links that are interconnected, creating a distinctive and contemporary aesthetic. The links are usually flat and slightly elongated, resembling the shape of a paperclip. This type of chain is known for its versatility and ability to reflect light, creating an eye-catching and reflective surface.

The large gold cross pendant or charm serves as the centerpiece of the necklace. The cross is a powerful symbol that represents faith, spirituality, and personal beliefs. The pendant is typically crafted in gold, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design. Its size is noticeable, making it a focal point that draws attention.

The combination of the paperclip chain and the gold cross pendant creates a harmonious and stylish contrast. The simplicity and sleekness of the chain highlight the intricacies and symbolism of the cross pendant, making it stand out.

It measures 17" and can be adjusted to a smaller length. It sits elegantly on the collarbone or rests slightly lower, the necklace is designed to be a noticeable and meaningful accessory.

Overall, this paperclip chain necklace with a large gold cross pendant or charm offers a contemporary and fashionable interpretation of a classic symbol. Its combination of modern chain style and symbolic pendant makes it a versatile and meaningful accessory that can be worn daily or on special occasions.