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  • Inverted, Paper Clip, Gold/Silver Bar Earrings
  • Inverted, Paper Clip, Gold/Silver Bar Earrings
  • Inverted, Paper Clip, Gold/Silver Bar Earrings
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Sharp Style Houston


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This sleek and lightweight ear wire earring is designed to offer both style and comfort. It is available in either gold or silver, allowing you to choose the metal that best suits your personal preference and style. The earring comes in three different lengths, providing options for various looks and occasions.

The longest length measures 3 inches, making it a statement piece that adds drama and elegance to your ensemble. The medium length measures 2 inches, striking a balance between subtlety and noticeable style. The short length measures 1 inch, offering a delicate and minimalistic option for a more understated look.

When making a purchase, you can specify the metal (gold or silver) and the desired length (small, medium, or large) in the message section. This ensures that you receive the earring that perfectly suits your taste and desired style.

These ear wire earrings are designed to be comfortable to wear throughout the day. Their sleek and lightweight construction allows for easy movement and prevents any discomfort or irritation. The simplicity of the design makes them versatile, suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Whether you prefer the longer length for a bold and eye-catching statement, the medium length for a balanced and versatile option, or the shorter length for a subtle and elegant touch, these ear wire earrings offer the perfect amount of style to elevate your look. Their availability in gold or silver gives you the flexibility to match them with your existing jewelry collection and personal style.