Meet Cathy

I'm Cathy Sharp, the proud owner of SharpStyle Jewelry, residing in Houston, Texas. My journey into the world of jewelry crafting began in 2009, initially with wrap bracelets. I carefully learned how to sew beads to two pieces of leather. The allure of creating bracelets captivated me, sparking a passion that only grew stronger over time. Eager to expand my skills, I delved into various jewelry crafting classes, mastering the art of design and crafting jewelry.  

Jewelry for me is so much more than just an adornment.

I think it all began when I was a baby and my mother gave me a tiny gold bangle bracelet.  No, I don’t remember wearing the bracelet, but I see it in old photos. As a little girl, I loved examining and trying on the pieces in my grandmother’s jewelry box, fascinated by the beauty and variety of their timeless designs. As an adult my personal jewelry collection has become a treasured reminder of cherished people and events in my life, and I was overjoyed to be able to pass that baby bracelet on to my daughter. 

SharpStyle Jewelry was launched in 2010, the culmination of years of designing and creating jewelry pieces for family and friends. Probably like many of you, I’ve spent the last several years being a wife, mother, and during that time pursued many hobbies and pastimes. From sewing, to needlepoint, and even an amusing, if unproductive, dalliance with oil painting, I tried it all—until finding my muse in designing and making jewelry. 

Jewelry is so much more than a mere adornment. It is the accessory that most clearly expresses to the world your personality and style. The infinite variety of jewelry pieces available today allow us to project our distinctiveness more expressively and beautifully than any women in history.  

My passion, and what I offer you through SharpStyle, is to create and offer you quality jewelry that is beautiful, artistic and the perfect complement to your own style and statement. I love creating jewelry that other people love, and my inspiration comes from the wonderful women in my life. In fact, the names of my collections are inspired by just a few of the many smart, confident and independent women I count as friends and business associates.  

Each piece of SharpStyle jewelry is hand-made of semi-precious materials, and I’m pleased to feature our limited editions and one-of-a kind pieces. We are female-owned and operated in the great state of Texas and stand behind our pieces with a guarantee on our materials and workmanship.

I am so happy to welcome you to! Please enjoy browsing, and I look forward to filling your order soon.