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Sharp Style Houston


Regular price $22.00 USD
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This bracelet showcases a stunning combination of matte-finished pink and gray gemstones, creating a delicate and harmonious color palette. The matte finish adds a touch of sophistication and gives the gemstones a soft, muted appearance. The pink and gray hues blend beautifully, creating a subtle yet elegant contrast.

A focal point of the bracelet is the pink geode, which adds a captivating and unique touch to the design. The geode features a vibrant pink color with intricate  textures, creating a mesmerizing centerpiece. Its natural beauty and organic shape make it a true standout element in the bracelet.

Crafted with adjustable elastic, the bracelet offers a comfortable and customizable fit. The elastic allows for easy wearing and ensures that the bracelet stays securely on your wrist. With its adjustable feature, you can easily adjust the size of the bracelet to fit your preference and wrist size.

Embrace the unique beauty of this bracelet and let it be a reflection of your individual style. The combination of matte-finished gemstones and the captivating pink geode creates a bracelet that is both trendy and timeless. Elevate your jewelry collection with this versatile and eye-catching piece.