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SharpStyle Jewelry


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A striking and elegant piece, featuring a balanced combination of white and  green jade beads. The beads are arranged in a half and half pattern, creating a harmonious contrast between the serene, milky white jade and the rich, deep green jade. 

The focal point of this exquisite necklace is a gold sand dollar charm. The charm is intricately designed, with delicate engravings that add a touch of old-world charm and sophistication. Sand dollars are often associated with peace, protection, and good fortune. This symbolism adds sentimental value to the charm, making it a meaningful gift or personal keepsake.

The necklace is elegantly strung and is adjustable 15 to 16 inches, ensuring durability while maintaining a delicate appearance. The combination of the jade beads and the sand dollar charm creates a balanced and visually appealing piece, perfect for both casual wear and special occasion.